Friday, March 6, 2009

72, Considering.

Hey Readers.

Well, today was tiring.
After sch, Shafiq, Farhan & I went to the comp lab.
We had to do some Art assignment.
So yea, we went out late because of these two gundus lah.
I could have just gone you know, so, be thankful(:

The 3 of us had to go to the Stadium for some particular reason.
But, since I didn't wanna go, Shafiq refused to go.
I wasn't sure of Farhan.
He said he wanted but he can't stick to his words, trust me.
I then left before the dudes.
There's Rugby evry Friday but since the Seniors are having their match with Greendale today, Juniors training was cancelled.
I've yet received any news from my dudes playing today.
After like only 30mins at home, I then had to leave home to go back to school.

I knew I was late, but what the heck, who cares.
For the first time in my life, I had to do lotsa sewing.
All of us were designing the costumes for the respective people.
Patience was needed but I lost focus in the end & became restless.
Due to that, I was of no help after that.
I thought it was easy but designing is truly abt hard work & patience.


Oh okay, my bad.
Our Rugby Juniors were the one who won 22-12 on Thurs.
It was against RI. Well done boys!
Their 2nd match, round 2 will be tmrw.
I'll update when I've received info's from em'.

Today's match is our dearest Senior Rugby boys.
GSS against Greendale.
I've yet received any news from any of the dudes.
Idk why, I'll usually receive an sms telling me that they've won or lost by now.
PFFT. Sms lah!


This thing has been bothering me for quite some time.
Since the last time we went out, I've yet received anything from you.
I hardly see you & you're, we're not even talking.
I have no idea why.
Maybe it's just me or maybe it's just because I have already found out the truth.
Seriously, what you've done is wrong but I told you it's no biggie no more.
You know who you are & I really hope we'll sort things out soon.
I'm sorry if I've done anything wrong somehow cause I can't live knowing that you're kinda avoiding me right now.



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