Saturday, March 7, 2009

73, Morning Morning!

Morning Readers!

Well, I feel happy today.
And I'm not sure why.

I'm posting in the morning cause I doubt so I'll have time to post later on. Why? 'Cause I've planned out a schedule which takes effect from today till 22nd March, when the March holidays are over.

Looking at my Common Test Papers, I really do think that I need help. I passed all my subject but they are not satisfying enough. I even had to decide which paper to put on top & then at the bottom for Mama to sign. I shall cut my time on the computer & spend most of my time with Mr. Books now. It's time to realise & start a new. Cause I don't wanna end up with this kinda bullshit marks during my MYE. The only thing that I'm happy about is my Eng, I'm getting an A. But, what's there to be proud about when my own Malay shucks & getting B. Sheesh, I'm bragging don't cha think? Well, I won't just talk about it, I'll do it(:

This goes out to ALL!

To those who've sent me messages, e-mails & all telling that you've missed me some how.. I MISS YA'LL TOO! I'm sorry cause I have yet been online so far. I don't have the time to be chatting & all.. But I'll find the time, eventually. And yea, to those who've called me & stuffs.. I'm sorry if I did not answer your calls. Please please message me first before you call. So, if it's important, I at least know that must answer. & to those who I owe outtings with, soon.. I promise, soon(:

(In no specific order)

Farishah, Nurul Farhana,
Khaliesa, Huda,
Sabrina, Farhana twin, Chippy,
Nurul, Atikah K,
Atikah F, Nad, Angy, Kak Shar,
Kak Cath..

To those left out.. *smiles yea(:

Oh yea, some of ya'll have been wondering why neither Kak Shar nor Kak Cath have been blogging it's 'cause now both of them are already in Australia. Both of em' are doing full-time work for now. Kak Shar will be going to U next year & Kak Cath is finishing all her un-done school work. It's her last year this year.
Oh, if either both are ya are reading...
Omg. I know! Hope to see Kak their kayy.
But possible only cause we're still decided whether to go to Hong Kong or Australia.
Well, I'm choosing Australia but Ma is thinking of Hong Kong.
Well, we're still in the midst of deciding so yea(:

I'll stop here alright.


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