Tuesday, March 10, 2009

74, Tired.

School was as per normal.
Nothing much happened.

Today's Drama was kind of tiring. My group & i are truly lagging. We don't even have a plan on what we should do. Kay maybe we do, but it's like we don't have duties. It's no ones fault on that I guess but some of em' are just being helpless. When they feel like helping out, they help out. When they feel like doing nothing, they just do nothing. Don't chu think it's unfair? We do all the hard work & you spend your time, shaking your legs.. I doubt so we're able to finish all props by this week. Urgh!

Most of us were pissed just now & this girl just made it worst. Lemmi explain..
I was suppose to borrow lighter from Alng or Hakim but neither replied to my message. So, I brought my own lighter. So, we did our own various stuffs lah. & this girl was really... what.. It's like through out her own fucken life, she hasn't seen or even touched a lighter before. Since both Neesya & I had lighters with us, we used it & this girl went like.. Umm.. I want the lighter. And like the only thing she wanted to do was with that lighter & didn't wanna help with anything else. So, Neesya had to give her an earring. In the end, she was like pissed with us & just left. Fuckszxs to ya lah! I pity this kind of people, like never see lighter before sia. Pathetic.

My Tuesday is absolutely tiring. I've yet studied for the Biology Test coming this Thursday.- dies. I shall start tomorrow, I hope. And I have to finish this 126 page book by like this week. Why? Cause I have to start with a Malay Novel next week. Seriously, this is like the first time I'm actually gonna read a full hundred page MALAY Novel. Well, I'm committed to it, so I have to do it.. With a kamus beside me fo'sho! Hehe. Omg, I need help with Malay, I'm lagging! D:

Urgh, Bye!


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