Thursday, March 12, 2009

75, I scream Fo Ice Cream!

Hello Readers!
Well, I just ate a tub of ice cream which explains the Title.

Anyhoo, I did not attend school today. Why? Lets just say that I just felt like not going to school(I planned on not going last Sat already) & cause I have to take care o my younger lad, Fakhrul. He's down with chicken pox & yea I have to take care of him. Ma took leave like yesterday & on Mon. Papa took leave the other day & some wht other day. Before that Abang took care of him since he himself was down with chicken pox. But now since he has recovered & is now in camp, I now take the responsibility in taking care of my own younger brother.

I spent my time flipping through my Biology worksheets. There's a Biology+Chem test today but since I didn't come, I have to take it tomorrow. Well, with Shafiq to be exact. Well, he didn't come to school as well. Kite Jiwer! Hahaha! I have been a very good girl. Been studying for Biology but still not done yet. Hmphhhh..

Oh before I end this very post, I would like to dedicate this to my dearest who goes by the name Khaliesa!
Happy B'day Bby Girl!
May today bring you joy & happiness.
& may the best come in you way.
Bless in everything you do girlf! :D
Fana misses & loves you loads!
It has been like almost 4months seyh since we met!
Set a date & I'll be on my wayyyy:D
Love Sngt Sngt!

Fana! (:


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