Thursday, March 12, 2009

76, Wants & Needs.

People have their Wants & Needs.
Well, I have mine too..( Like DUH, who doesn't?!)
I shall rant all I want on this post.

▪ New Gray Jeans!
▪ 2 Fabulous Tees!
▪ New Handphone!
▪ Potpourris Blouse!
▪ Coach bracelet!
▪ Esprit Shades!
▪ New Flip Flops!
▪ Addidas Pump Shoe!

This all made up.. Shopping(:
I'm a shopaholic, I can't help it. Hehe.
I know that I already have my Nike sneakers but hey, a new Addidas Pump shoe doesn't hurt right?
It has been months since I actually shopped for clothes.
And it has been months since I did online shopping too):
I shall shop till I drop during the March Hols Fo'sho!
Just that, I'm not able to spend my kaching moderately.
If I buy this.. I can't buy that..
Well, I shall add one more i guess..

▪ More Kaching!
& a shopping partner! Hehe(:


After Drama today, I went home with Nazurah.
Make me laugh like GAHHHHHHHH. HAH!
We shall go home together someday again!


The Rubgy Boys(senior) had a match just now.
Met Alang before they left, actually.
It's against Greendale. Well...
I have yet received anything from him or Hakim.
Why? My Phone's with Papa D:
I'm waiting till he gets home. *Cptcpt deyh!

K da shaddup.
Happy Happy Hols Mo'Fos!



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