Saturday, March 14, 2009

78, Urmm..

Hello Readers!

Papa is watching Football- Man U against Liverpool.
Mama & Abang supports Man U while Papa supports Liverpool.
Well, Fakhrul & I, we just watch for the pleasure of watching.

Gerard(did I spell his name right?) just goaled & Papa just shouted.
It is kinda creepy at times when they actually start cursing the other team & some how, it looks like they are actually talking to themselves(when in fact they are). & when they score, fans who support will just scream their heads off while their hands wave as if they've lost control. (:

Liverpool is currently leading; 1-2.


Oh yea. Common Test Results.
(Lets start from the besterest)

Art- A1, 80.
History- A1, 76.
English- A2, 73.
Geography- A2, 73.
D&T- B3, 69.
Malay- B4, 64.
Math- C6, 53.
Science- C6, 50.
Literature- C6, 50.
Disappointing ain't it? :
English & Geo- another 2 marks to an A1.
D&T- another 1 mark to an A2.
Malay- another 1 mark to a B3.
Math- another 2 marks to a B4.
Lit & Sci- lets not talk about it.

But the good thing is that, I didn't fail any subjects. Not bragging, but most of the people in my class failed at least 1 or 2 subjects. So yea, Alhamdullilah. BUT.. It's not satisfying enough. So, I shall study hard & produce better results in my MYEs. Insyallah.


I met NG yesterday but it was only for awhile.
I hadn't received anything from him due to some circumstances.
But, I shall stay rooted cause you & I both promised.
& hey, you promised me that we will go on a date kn? HAHAHA!
Suntec oky? (: heh.
(Yayy! We'll meet on Monday!!!!!!!!!!)


Fana! (:


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