Tuesday, March 24, 2009

84, Being Sick Is No Longer Fun ):

Hey Readers !
How ya'll doing ? (:

I'm at home basically blogging, listening to sings and by that listening to my current ear candy- Cun Saja by SleeQ(what you're listening to now). Great song ain't it? It has been on my playback for the past few days & still. No really, I never get sick of them(:
The New Album Is Greatly Anticipated Guys! xoxo
Gahh, I miss Alyph & Syarif badly ):

2 weeks is nothing compared to 2 years.
Being sick is no longer fun. Yes, v. true. I miss school a lot ! Truthfully, I was upset when I new that I couldn't attend school even after the March Holiday. Upsetting ain't it? I'm taking v. good care of myself, so yea, no need to worry. I'm just upset that I have to miss lessons, really I don't like too. Cause' you'll have to end up owing more than expected. And I really do miss my friends, Nabilah, Syaza, Irah, FiiQo & 3/4 of my class.
We'll count it down together & make it seem fast alright?
Fana misses ya'll so v. much ! (:

Yesterday night was darn crappy, funnaye & v. sweet at the same time. Abang was youtube-ing. He found this extremely stupid-but-at-the-same-time-funnaye-and-hilarious video. OMGSZXZ! lollys~

I got a call from my Qimmy ! We talked & talked & talked until 10.50pm. It was definitely funnaye talking about how my room should be much much more bigger, the reason I craved that day, what I'm gonna do during my 2 weeks. Freakin' aww-some. Just that I'm gonna miss ya next year. How different things will look like huh.. Just take care of yourself alright? And don't worry about your Fana here. Don't be sad & don't worry about me too much kay. I'll see you in two weeks time. We shall go through the next few days strong until 6th April, when we get to meet again. Fana loves you(:

Study hard & always believe in yourself.
- You Know Who.
Take care alright readers.
Fana! (:


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