Wednesday, March 25, 2009

85, Sleepy

Ayy Readers!

11 more days to go.

That's still long alright. As said; 2 weeks is nothing compared to 2 years. Fuck that. I know I need patience but what the hell should I do at home in 2 weeks? Wait! I just got the answer- Rot . Yup, i just got myself an answer *pats on back. lollys~ Oh well, there ain't anything I can do right? 2 weeks will stay that way anyway. Curse that. -died.

I spent last night till today morning, 2.30am, talking on the phone. We talked for about 4-5 hours continuously. Big Whoop. It's fun when you can actually talk to someone you can relate to. Cause you actually think in the same perspective and from there, you have more to talk about. Some just play boring. After two sentences, you're already out of words. Further more, you get to know that someone better. It doesn't have to be asking more about that person, it could be just from the way you relate to he/she. From there, it gives you the thrill to talk more, that way, you're never out of ideas(: Interesting ain't it?

Oh yea, don't you think friendster is getting boring? There's no more fun to it anymore. I wanted to delete my friendster account last year but then I realised that if I delete it, I might not be able to interact with my friends no more. Cause most do not have a facebook, myspace & any other account. Msn works but I rarely go to it nowadays. But seriously, friendster is getting on my nerves. Fyi, I shall be inactive in friendster alright. Send me testimonials/msg, I will only reply when I feel like it. Other than that, I shall leave it that way. It's time to move to facebook people!

Alrighty then, Fakhrul will be home soon! Woots!
Fana! (:


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