Friday, March 27, 2009

86, Sports Day.

Whatsup Readers !
How ya'll feeling ?(:

Yesterday night was weird & awkward. I was ditched on the phone. I was talking to NG on the phone last night from 9.. After some time NG suddenly kept quiet. So, I kept asking "why are you so quiet?" . No reply, so I thought that NG was just playing a fool. So, I kept talking & kept asking the same question & after so long NG was still quiet. From there, I realised that I was actually talking to myself. NG dozed off somehow and I seemed like someone stupid who was talking on the phone with someone who was already asleep. Yo' owe me 5h mayne! Haha!

Today happens to be Sports Day. I found it out from Nabilah & Hakim. Sadly, for the first time ever, I'm wasn't involved and wasn't present for Sports Day. I was told that it was held at Woodlands Stadium, I find that kinda far & further more, you have to go there yourself. Who cares anyway, I spent my Sport Day at home-.- HAH. I wonder how it went.. Hmm .. I heard that Fuji usually wins & Matterhorn shoots last. But who knows, maybe their luck have changed(:

Talking about Sports Day, I miss those times when I was with Mdm Nerwati training for Sports Day. Mars always held the title as the winner for 7 years or more, continusously. With her helped, never I failed to get my Gold & from there, I hold the name for Sports Girl of 2008. I miss those times ):

I totally miss my Track & Field Team. I miss My Juniors who cracks the darnest jokes & do those silly moves.
I miss those times we spent during training.
I miss those times we spent at Mac.
I miss those times we spent at KFC.
I miss those times we spent at BK.
I miss those times we spent at Deli France.
I miss those time Mdm Nerwati blanja us.
I especially miss those times we spent on the track.

I wonder how my lovely Juniors are doing. I have yet met for more then 5 months(or so). Their Nationals are very close I'm sure. I was thinking of meeting up with them during training soon & help Mdm Nerwati train them. But, I need the right time. I have been busy filling most of my time in school & doing school work & I really have to catch up on what I have lost. For now, I shall wait & soon enough, I shall meet my Track & Field team. Gosh, those times with ya'll were absolutely precious & priceless. I'm sure, there ain't any other team in the school that is as great as the Track & Field Team.

My Juniors Rock Hardcore!

And yes Mdm Nerwati too, I can't imagine my life without this aww-some & great teacher of mine. Thank you for my first ever Nike Spike Shoe with costs >$100. Thank you for the other FBT Spike Shoe. Thank you for the Jacket & Jersey. Lastly, I MISS YOU OII! Haha, & must blanja me Mc like last time tau(: Hehe.

My other lappy will be sent for repair. And I really want it soon! Why ? So, I can download more songs~ Well, I shall end my lengthily post here then.

Take care alright Readers.


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