Saturday, March 28, 2009

87, Save The Earth !

Hey Readers !

My family and I just turned on the lights. Yup, we took part in the Save Earth thingy by turning off all lights but with the television on. Hehe. Well, basically it was to vote for Earth. Cause most of our events hurt the place, Earth, which we call home. To mention one, the cause of Global Warming. Weathers have changed due to this kind of causes. Well, we only have Earth don't we? There's no other planet that supports life besides Earth right. Lets Save Our Planet !

I got the results of yesterday's event, Sports Day! I thought wrong about Fuji. Nope, they didn't win this year. Kinabalu holds the title this year. And nope, I wasn't wrong, Matterhorn did shoots last AGAIN! *Kudos. I hate yellow lah kay, it seem so fugly on me somehow. Hmphhftt..

Abang's friends came just now. Abang was at the void deck playing floorball with two of his mates and came up at about 9. They chit chatted outside and left at about 9.15pm. I don't mind Abang having his friends at home y'knw. As long as he doesn't harass me I'm cool with that. I kinda miss not having Gabriel dropping by these days. He would usually pop by and talk about the darnest things. At least, we talk tho' he's much much more closer to Abang than I. (:

I was ditched again yesterday. Fuck that. Neways, forgiven but one more time, you shall bow. Hahahah! NG went to East Coast and will not be home till God-knows-when): He called yesterday & we crapped(before he ditched me) . We talked about lotsa stuffs actually. He then went: "I'm not coming home tomorrow." . Concerned, I ask why and he went, "I'll be over-nighting with friends tomorrow at East Coast." *Sadsad . He left at 8 but didn't msg/call me ): As long as he has fun and is safe, I' m fine with that. *Smileyhhhhh (:

Okay then.
I Miss Mr Grk ):


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