Saturday, March 28, 2009

88 ):


In English that means, I Miss Syaza): Yes, I miss her very very much. Dah 2 minggu oi tak jumpe kau ! Sorry eh klau last week and this coming week kau kene gy school sendiri. Sorry taw. Hmphfff.. Klau aku gy school, pagy2 lagy kau dah call aku. Haha.. Aku rindu kau nye merepek-ness ! (: Tkpe, on the 6th April, aku dah boleh gy school ! Kau dah boleh start call aku pagy2 lagy & dah boleh jumpe kau! Woooooooooohooooooooooooooo~

I miss Nabilah too ! No doubt seyh. I called her & we crapped. She said that she's bored in class cause we usually pair up in everything we do. Discussions & stuff, we're cuffed *smirks. Haiiyooooo, I miss you lah deyh !
I also miss my Abang- Shafiq~!
Since our lil fight we haven't been talking. Well, we need both hands to clap right? So, it's our fault. We'll meet in a week time !
& Jeez, I somehow kinda miss my class. Pfft .

I won't have time to blog later on cause I have to catch up and read the 1st Chap of my Chem Book so that I can start on THOSE worksheets. And then I have to do self study by recapping the next 3 or 4 Chapters of the book that we have covered. After that, I'll finish all my Chap 1 & 2 Math followed by a lil recapping on His & Geo. I'll do Lit when I feel smart later on. Wahaha. Oh wait, I missed out Physics. Physics cramps my brain cells . Shucks.

I found a fucken bitch, shall elaborate abt her on the next post!

K da, whaddaphuck.


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