Monday, March 30, 2009

89, Morning !

Whatsup Readers !

Yesterday night at around 7pm, Abang Herman came. It has been kinda long since he dropped by. Well, he came with good news. on 3rd May, Abang Herman & Kak Deliwati will be pronounced husband and wife(: That's a good thing, really. They have been together for 2 or 3 years now, so that should be a good start. Seriously, it has been like so long since I went for a wedding ceremony. If I'm not wrong the last wedding I went to was Abang Wan's wedding 9months ago. Long ain't that ? Kak Deli is 25 and I think that's a nice age for a lady to get married and with Abang being 2 years older than her, no biggie. Insyallah, they'll will bring up a safe & happy family(:

6 Days Till I Can Go To School !

Yezzar, 6 more days. Patience have paid off, i guess. I'm so looking forward to going back to school. The friends I miss, the lessons I've missed, the activities I've lost.. All those missed. Hugs for Nabilah & Syaza the first thing when I see them. Rindu dorang like fuckszx oi! & yea, I just realised that I'm somehow ahead of my class in Chem! Haha. Cause I was given this weeks work last week, so yippie! Pfft, I Miss My Friends):

I shall blog when I feel like it later on alright.

Fana! (:
Mr Grk, mane kau menghilang!?!


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