Sunday, March 29, 2009

89, A Week & A Day To Go

Hello Readers!

I thought, I wasn't able to post but I'm right here now!
Why? I decided to treat myself after hours of Brain Cramping in my room. Goshh, I just don't know when to start with Physics ! I'm trying to like it really just that its Math & Science at the same time. And lotsa memorising is needed; I can't memories no. & alphabets at the same time!(note the exaggeration) Darn it! But I do enjoy Biology, somehow.. (:

Oh I said that I'm gonna talk about the biatch right? Lets Go!
I wouldn't wanna mention her name alright, for now. Just be thankful that I'm not. She thinks she's all that when infact she's not ! She acts so nice but when you flip the coin, she's this fucken biatch. Lets get it straigh, your acting ain't good, so drop it alright. You can't pull off your lil act for long, no doubt. And the person who you really are will be reaveled soon, I can tell. Please lah eh, prangai tuh betol kn sikit lah kay. Klau terase tuh dah uh, tk pyh fuss. Kalau tak suke, bilang bersemuke ah, FUCK! Buat ape seyh nak buat2 tak tau ! It just makes you look stupid lah bitch. Please lah eh, orang mcm kau kn, dlm hidop aku tk perlu sial .

She shall be invisible (:

NG went to East Coast yesterday night. Received a message from him at about 10.30pm. After that, nothing. I wonder if he has returned home. I'm just waiting for him to message me saying, "I'm Home!". He's the kind of person who goes out at whatevr time and only returns home after 10.30pm. Believe me. At times, he doesn't event come back home. Pfft . But he should be returning today cause tomorrow's a Monday and he must, lemmi stress that, he must go to school. Well, if he doesn't, he'll have to face the consequence and I'm sure he doesn't want to. *smirks. I don't wanna msg him cause I want him to have fun with his friends(: I just wonder what he's up to now.. Hmmmmmm ..

Fana !(:


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