Wednesday, April 1, 2009

90, Happy Goober!

Yes, I am a Happy Goober right now.
Why? 10PM! 10PM!

I received a call from Syazaaa Syg just now! Yay! That time she msg me and told me that she was gonna call me, I waited & waited & waited and nothing. At least, she call me jugak kn? Hehe. I kinda pity her seyh, cause every morning we go to school together and now cause of my condition, she has to go to school alone. Haiyooooooo . Tak pe, Monday dah boleh jumpe! Aku dah blh jumpe kau! WOOOHOOOOO~ Aku rindu kau & kau nye merepek-ness(:

Syaza got a call from Syafiee who was with Atikah Fadil & Khaliesa while we were talking. Goshh! I miss them oi! It has been a v. long time since I met all of them, which includes, Khaliesa, Huda, Sabrina, Atikah F, Atikah K, Syafiee, Fan, Izwan & more to be said.. Only God knows how much I miss these people. Must lepak with ya'll soon ! By soon, I really mean soon! Cume tinggal msg aku je. Hehe (:

I received a message from NG when I woke up. It stated "Dah sleep?". He message me like in the morning at around 1 nearly 2. Klau nak, msg aku kul 10 lah. Boleh talktalk sampai kau berdengkur. Beyh kau msg aku pagy2, aku dah tido by the time tuh buat perh. Lagy pun klau nak talktalk kul 2, sampai kau gy sch pun kau tak tido. Apa dah.. & aku bkn cam kau, balek dari East Coast kul 2.30 tros tido smpai pagy seblm gy school. ISHH.. Prangai mintak kne whack ! Haha!

I'm chatting with Hanees. I shall post our convo when we're done with it.
Seriously hilarious ! Hoho~

Oky then.
Fana! (:


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