Friday, April 3, 2009

91, Semuanya Cun Saja (:

I'll post about the happenings a few days back.

1st April, Wednesday.

Even though the doctor advised me to stay at home and have plenty of rest, I still went out on Wednesday. I didn't want to but Mama said that it was okay. Oh well, what can I do right ? After Abang came back from tuition, my family & I went to Eunos to eat. Abang and I were talking about boys & girls to Mama. I know that it sounds kinda weird, but hey, you gotsa be open to your parents sometime right? The most hilarious part was when Abang said..

Abang: Alah, I'll tell you who I like when I'm 18.
Ma: 18!? You wait until you earn a lot of money and then you can give some of it to me then you can tell me about your girlfriend !

I was basically laughing at Abang. Hehe. Soon after, we took the car to Eunos to eat. It has been quite some time since we went there. I had my delicious Crispy Noodle. After eatting, I straight away got into the car to tune in into Warna. Why? Cause our v. own dudes Alyph & Syarif, from Sleeq were being interviewed(: It was hilarious, the pantun and all just made it so crazy. While I was engrossed listening to Warna, Mama, Papa & Fakhrul were busy watching American Idol S8, in the car. Well, I'm a fan of Danny Gokey & Adam Lamberg(Did I spell it right? Heh). I believe that either one will be the nxt American Idol. Both are just awesome, don'tcha think ? (:

2nd April, Thursday.

Nabilah Syg & I crapped on the phone and we talked about lots of stuffs. After talking to her, I message Shafiq who I regard him as a brother of mine. Hey, he calls me adeq, what to do? Haha. I'm glad that my Abang is doing fine. Don't fight no more kay? Don't cry kay, don't be sad. You know that you'll always have a shoulder to lean on and you can share anything with me right? I'll always be there for you.

He said that he misses me so much and the class misses me too. Aw, I miss ya'll too alright? He told that Shamil & Alang asked about my well-being too. Wow, I was surprised when Shafiq told me that Shamil actually asked. He told me what Shamil said and he said this, "Fiq, Fana da tuka skola eh? Asl die lame tk dtg? Ape kne ngan die?" Haha. Well, your Fana here is doing fine. I'll be in school on Monday, so yay, can meet you. Hah, I owe you lollipop eh? Bachen btol ! Haha.

3rd April, Friday(Yesterday)

I woke up early in the morning to get Fakhrul ready for school since Pa sent Mama to work & Abang to school. I was absolutely tired cause' I was on the phone with NG till morn that night. Hehe. After Pa came back, Fakhrul went to school & I went back to bed. I woke up back at 9.30am and took my bath. Packed some stuffs to bring over to Kak Ogy's house and left house at 11.

I spent my whole day with Bazli & Fakhrul. I had to come over to Kak Ogy's house 'cause I had to take care of Bazli. Mak left the house and left only Fakhrul, Bazli, Bibik and I. Soon, Mama came which made my work muck more easier, I had the time to rest after looking an eye on the 6year old Fakhrul and 2 year old Bazli. I Love Bazli can? He's the sweetest & cutest thing y'know? (:

The hardest thing to do was to keep Bazli asleep. Abang who came back form floorball was already lethargic and was asleep by 9. Fakhrul was forced to sleep so that Bazli would sleep. Bazli who is v. playful didn't want to sleep, He said "Na nak". Which means, tak nak, don't want in English. He looked at me and kept laughing, he was tryna attract attention but I had to act as if I was sleeping and soon enough, he was asleep. I, who was tired, wasn't able to sleep though i was very very tired. We all left at about 12+ ..

I received a message from Hakim at about 11 and I was told that our Rugby Senior Boys lost to Pierce Sec in the Semi-Final. Before their match with Pierce, they had a match with Bedok Town 2 days before. They had an impressive won, 80-0. I was absolutely proud of our dudes(: But hey, even though ya'll didn't make it to the final, it's okay alright? At least, ya dudes did your best(:

Okay, lengthily enough? Hehe.
Fana! (:


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