Monday, April 6, 2009

92, I'm Back !

My Last Few Days.

4th April, Friday.

Mama had promise me the she'll bring us all to Secret Recipe. Since I was craving for it, I chose the outlet at Plaza Singapura. Abang & I had our beef lasagna, Mama had her spaghetti meatball and Papa had his Tom Yam somethingsomething.. Hah. The food was super splendid. And not the forget, their cakes we're mouth-watering. I couldn't resist the cakes, they were just awesome! I didn't regret craving for Secret Recipe fo'sho !

Later on, we went around Plaza Singapura to shop. After looking around several shops, I finally bought 3 tops at Cotton On. Bought a purple, long-sleeved shirt, white sleeveless top alongside with a black one. Spent a total of $50 that day. Superb!

5th April, Sunday.

My family and I went to Malaysia in the morning as we had to attend a wedding ceremony on my father's side. The bride, my father's cousin's daughter, was absolutely gorgeous and not to forget, the groom too. May they last till the world shatters. Insyallah.

After that, we went around town. Papa parked his car at Hyatt Hotel and we got into the hotel. Hyatt hotel was where papa used to spend his time. The hotel was no doubt, big and gorgeous. They had built in glass boxes around the wall with absolutely expensive jewellery in em'. We then went to one of the shops in the hotel. It was like a techie shop, the latest stuffs and all. We then went to the show living room. Fakhrul, who didn't realise that there was a glass wall in front of him, just walked and hit the wall. Haha ! There was a 'bongg' after that. Hilarious!

After Hyatt Hotel, we went to Tangs/ Tang Plaza. Again, window shopping. I thought of buying some tops and accessories but left empty handed instead, as I was tired by then and didn't have the mood to shop. My legs were sore, definitely. After town, we headed to Bukit Timah to eat.

6th April, Monday.

Yes! I got back to school! Got out of the house and went to the lrt stnt and met Syawal. We talked & talked and soon he left with Irsyad. I took the next train and met Syaza Syg ! She, who I miss so much(: Walked to sch and I straight away ran to Nabilah when I saw here. I totally miss her. We exchanged hugs and people though we were crazy. Haha! & then, she started crying. Aw, I'm back! Be happy don't cry alright:D . We started with our crapping, as usual. Hehe.

After school, I had Third Language Convo. We had a test which I didn't know about and didn't study for. Since, the teacher was thoughtful enough, she allowed me to take my test the next lesson. Thank Yo !

At night, I was chatting with Syawal. We were crapping like some freakin' maniac! Haha! We ended our convo on a happy note at 11pm.

7th April, Tuesday(Today).

Since Syaza went to school early for dance, I went to school with Syawal, who've promised to go to school with me. He said that I had to meet him at the lrt station by 6.55 and he was the one who was late! Haha! He reached 5 minutes later, at 7. While waiting for the train, we took a look at each other's Report Book which both our us have yet returned. Hah. Aiyoo ! Soon after, Irsyad came.

We then went to the block near school, to lepak for awhile. Had their smoking session and left when the sch bell rang. Came to school with some cigga smell but yea, it wore off soon. Syawal and I walked ahead while the other's were lagging behind. Well, thank you for wanting to go to school with me taw. I really appreciate it although it was something small. Thank You So Much, I Owe You A Lot Syawal(:

During Morn Assembly, we had the Sch Dancers dancing their SYF dance. But, I only got to see the first half of it as I had to leave fr CJC to support our Drama members for their SYF. They did fabulous, no doubt! God willing, they grab Gold(: We stayed for another 2 performance by Northbrooks & Pasir Ris Crest Sec and then left. When we aboard the bus, a few min later, we realised that Surya, Rachael & Eunice were still at CJC. So, we had to go back to CJC and pick them. Haha! Totally funnaye but at least we got to waste time. Hoho~

And not to forget,
Happy Birthday Syawal !
Happy 16th alright!
Good luck in your future endeavours and yea, bless in everything you do!
So yea, that's how I spent my last few days(:


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