Wednesday, April 8, 2009

93, Continuos Smile.

Hey Readers!

Well, today was suppose to meet Syawal at the lrt station but then I accidentally took the train before, so I was kinda early. Haha. Alighted at Bangkit Lrt Station and waited for Syaza. While waiting, Hakim alighted from the train at Route 2. We talked for awhile and both of us waited for Syaza. I totally pitied him cause he has his left leg banged due to takraw yesterday night while he was playing. Aiyoo. Take care of yourself cn ? Soon, Syaza came. Hakim walked with his friends behind us and Syaza, Fahmi and I walked ahead.

Had Syaza walking to school with Fahmi to school first while I met Hakim before heading to school. Talk talk for awhile after so long since we met & talked and I walked to school while Hakim went to his friends to have their smoking session.

*Skips part during school.

After school, Syaza and I waited for Tata at the bus stop before heading to Bangkit to get us some food & drinks. After Tata came, we headed to Bangkit and Syaza bought her Bubble Tea. Soon, we went to 7-11 and three of us bought our buns. After that, we went to Blk 123 to lepak for awhile. Took pictures, gossiped, talked on phone, crapped. Stayed there for like an hour and soon left on our own ways.

At around 8 just now, I received a call. I was so happy and touched. I received a call from a person whom I have not forgotten at all after 6 years of no contact. That person who goes by the name Muslihin, was my best friend when I was 6. He may be a guy but he was my closest friend of all. I was really touched when he said that he still kept the letter I gave him before he left for another school. I was totally touched, it was very sweet of him.

Even after so many years, I have never forgotten him. I still think of him once in awhile. I thought I'd never get in touch with him but I thought wrong. I feel so blessed(: I appreciate his company when we were young and his mother & sister are just nice people. People who I have not & never will forget. I just felt so happy when he called, after so long, finally! I really do miss him, truthfully. I really cannot wait to meet him some day, soon (: I'm glad to know that he's still part of my life. My Forever Childhood Friend, Muslihin.

Oh and his sister is already married! Wow, congratz Kak !

Touched, Blessed, Glad.


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