Friday, April 10, 2009

96, Study, Study, Study !

Hello Readers.

Syaza, Tsabitah & Fana! Syg korang(:

My fever have decreased a lil bit. It isn't as bad as yesterday. I was totally pissed with my condition yesterday. I could hardly walk cause I was too dizzy. I was feverish and I didn't have an appetite to eat. I hope I'll be all good before Monday.

MYE is less than a month and I find it kinda hard to believe. I do not know why. I really do not know how I'll perform for Physics cause we only have like 2 weeks of it and then MYE. Pathetic doncha think?
I'll have a break with Mr Compy cause I'm dating Mr Books.

Thaqris singing kinda cheered me up. So cute(: But seriously, this headache and fever isn't making it any better. Argh, irritating.


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