Tuesday, April 14, 2009

97, Fever.

Hello Readers(:

I spent my weekends shopping, as usual. For the past few weekends, my family and I have been out to town to do some shopping. I'm looking forward to this weekend! Hehe. Oh yea, I bought my ZY cap! Skater People~

My whole Sunday was spent at Causeway Point. I only spent $30, Abang spent $61 and Mama spent $145. On Sunday, went to TKC. Ma told to buy 2 tops for Abng Herman's Wedding and Cik Ida's Son's Wedding in May. May shall be a very packed month cause examinations are in and after that I have camp. Hectic.

My fever has decreased but not fully cured yet. I didn't attend school today as I was given an MC when I visited the doctor yesterday. I feel like a drug addict having to take those pills everyday(: . But, I'll be in school tomorrow. I hope the headache will not be as bad when I'm in school tomorrow.

Oh, I heard that Syarif's feeling sick too. Get Well Soon Dude, take care alright!(: Love.



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