Sunday, May 10, 2009

100, Wow(:

On the phone with Nabilah while web-caming with Fakhrul on 3rd May.

P. sch friends aka the gereks, decided to go out to Causeway to catch a movie. Planned  by Mamat & Fazuli if I'm not wrong. BUT.. I'm not able to go as my family and I will be out later soon): Well, I hope ya guys understand. We will meet up soon again, some time. Even after like 3 days, I miss going out and lepak with you all. 'Cause all of you guys will make my day no matter what. I Love All Of You Strong Strong kay!

I'm not sure to where my family and I will be out to today. Hmm.. I pestered my parents for the whole family to go out yesterday but Papa didn't have the care cause Pak Cik borrowed our car. I've been really bored at home and since Mid Year have started, my family have rarely gone out of home. Truthfully, I cannot stand that. GOSHHH. I feel like a rotten apple rotting at home. 

Hmm.. Oh, sorry to Fairouz! Sorry sorry sorry sorry cause I didn't reply you messages. Thank you for messaging me countless times even though I didn't reply em'. I'll explain it to you later okay? Sorry! && I am looking forward to this coming Friday taw! Jgn paitou! Ahaha. Nabilah went to KL on Saturday and she will be back today! YAY! So, we can continue on our talk. Hehe. Umm.. Thank you for listening to me rant. Thank you for lending me your shoulder and letting me pour everything out to you. I hope our convo will not be spread to anyone cause it's personal kn? Hehe. I don't know what to do without you. Thank you so much! 
Fana Syg Nabilah (:


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