Wednesday, May 13, 2009

101, Picture Perfect.

Hello Readers!

I had my Science Paper today. It was okay I guess. Some were getting on my nerves at first but I did manage to complete the whole paper. I have Literature tomorrow and I am proud of myself today after what I've done. I've finished re-reading my Literature book in one day only in a few hours. I can be bookworm but I can be reluctant at times. 

I'm not sure if any one of you have noticed it but I have deleted my previous post due to some circumstances. Maybe it was just inappropriate to have that posted. Further more, I doubt so it was a need to post it anyway. I was in a totally confused state and I didn't have my mind on the positive side. I thought about it otherwise instead. But really, everything is going splendid. I'm refraining myself from getting into my moods too easily and not allowing my ego to overcome me. 

2 days to Fairouz's Birthday!
When I was asleep, I received a messaged from him but was lazy to reply him back when I was awake. I was studying for Literature, anyway. I then received a call from him. We chit chatted from quite some time. I was busy studying and he sure was busy himself. He was busy playing games. Mind you, there's an examination tomorrow! We then ended our conversation and I continued studying. Well, he said that he would like to treat me on his birthday which is this coming Friday. I didn't find the need but he insisted. Why, thank you then(:

Oh wait, I received a tag from passerby saying that half of my post is covered. Hmm.. Most probably cause my blog is better viewed in Mozilla Firefox then in Internet Explorer. I have done something about it so that it can be viewed in IE as well. So, is half of the post still covered? Do inform me by tagging alright. And to passerby, thank you for informing me. Please leave your name if you don't mind. Appreciated :D

Alright, I shall end right here.
Take care alright readers!



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