Wednesday, May 13, 2009

102, Addiction

Hello Readers(:

Otp with love while Fakhrul was being creepaayy.

Today's paper was Literature. It was fair, I guess. Expecting at least a B for it and not a C6. God no! Since I re-read my Literature book and went through most of the worksheets in the file, I was able to answer most questions with ease. After that, Nabilah and I proceeded to the canteen to have our break before heading for an extra Math class. Won't elaborate much about school. Everything has been pretty mundane.

As for tomorrow, I have my Math Paper 2. I really hope I can complete the paper and do it well. I was told that I did alright for my Math Paper 1. Not excellent, not bad, just alright. Truthfully, I don't want to get another C nor do I want to fail Math. It is definitely an important subject and I cannot have the cheek to fail Math. Will be studying soon, anyways. All the best to those having their papers as well(:

I had a short chat with my darling, Farishah! I totally miss her ): After so long, we've finally talked to each other. Thank you for the care alright. I really hope we'll meet soon. && don't stress yourself too much. 2 years in ITE will past by in a flash, no doubt. 
I Love You Cookie!

Before I forget..

Happy Belated Birthday Jannah!

Wow, looks like someone is already 17! Hehe. All the best for your future endeavours and may God bless you in everything you do. You have been such a great, happy, cheerful and fun person to be with. I might only know you for about 2 years still, it has been a pleasure getting to know you. I really hope to able to meet up with you soon. Misses. 
Love You Jannah & thank you for everything you've done !
Sorry for the belated b'day wish. I still hope it means something to you(:

We still have each other;


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