Thursday, May 14, 2009

103, Oh finally...

Hello Readers!

Yes, finally! I've completed my papers for Mid Year. I hope all the hard work studying pays off. I had been quite stressed up due to some reasons last week and a few days before but I realised that there's nothing to be stressed up about. It only affects my performance when doing my papers. Still, I have looked onto the brighter side and this have helped me a lot. The only thing that I am concerned about is how I did for my papers. I do not really mind if I didn't top the class or anything, I just hoped that I made improvement compared to my Common Test. Cause I am my greatest enemy.

Today's paper was Math Paper 2. It was okay. The only thing to do is wait for the results, I guess. After school, Syaza, Nabilah, Syawal & I proceeded to BBP to have breakfast/brunch. Nabilah had breakfast while Syaza & I had brunch. Syawal didn't eat. At 11.45, Syaza went home with Nabilah while I walked with Syawal. It was fun, no doubt. The funniest part was when Nabilah wanted to hit Syawal and he just got so shocked. Ahaha. This plan of ours was kinda last minute actually.

Before that, we actually wanted to go to BPP to have a mini-celebration for Fairouz's birthday. But, it seems that he has Soccer Training and decided to cancel it. I still had fun today. Those three people are the besterest people you could hang out with! :D

Before I end this post of mine...

Happy Birthday to Fairouz!

This dear friend of mine turns a year older today! Being friends with you for only about 5 months has been such pleasure. You've been a very nice person which makes it for us to interact with each other. All the best in everything you do alright, friend!

I shall end here then.


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