Saturday, May 16, 2009

105, Back and again..

Hello Readers.

Sister and brother. We're sucha awesome and crappy sibling. 

Yes, 2nd post of the day. I've been incredibly bored today. There's definitely nothing much to do after the exams. I want to keep myself occupied by doing something fun not rotting at home. I ate, watched television, went on the laptop inside my room, slept, watched more teev, got bored and decided to do some chores, read a book Mama recommended and now, finally on the laptop to post. Again. At least I'll be out tomorrow. Will be going to Cik Ana and Nek Busu's house tomorrow at Pasir Ris. Will be gathering with the family beside my mum's side! Awesome(:

In the morning, I was jumping like mad and irritated my family by telling them countless times that ClassiQ is released today. That was until I turned on my phone and received a message from Kak Jihan. It stated that ClassiQ will not be released today due to
unforeseen circumstances. *Sad face. To those who've pre-ordered the album, they'll be the first to get their hands on it. Most of us waited for nearly a year still, it is worth the wait. Whatever happens..
I will forever Love & Support our awesome dudes, Alyph & Syarif(: !

Well, Mama recommended a book- Heaven- for me to read. It was her book when she was in her teens, I guess. Such an old book, can tell. Yet, it is such an interesting book! A short review of it.. "A mother, Angel, died in childbirth. She gave birth to such a sweet girl whom she called Heaven. Her Father neglected her and her half brothers and sisters and decided to give them to strangers. Now, she is left alone, lonely. The one thing she hopes for is to try to reunite her family again." Well, that's it. I thought it would be a boring story to read about. But I was proved wrong after reading three chapters. Don't judge a book by it's cover, I guess. Hehe. Will continue reading soon.

Alrighty, hands down.


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