Monday, May 18, 2009

106, My Hero.

Hello Readers!

Sorry about the previous post. I didn't have the mood to post at that particular moment but insisted on doing so. So here, I would be re-posting. 

Yesterday was well spent at Cik Ana and Nek Busu's house at Pasir Ris. It was a kenduri; Nek Busu will be leaving for Umrah on the 29th. The whole family at my mother's side was there. It was awesome! The kids went swimming at the front yard, our parents did their usual chit chats while us the teenagers, were at the second floor playing Guitar Hero, jamming while karaoke. Abang Noor sang with full of emotion! Ma and I acted like fans cheering him on at the third floor. Haha! I Love Them(:

When all our us got tired of swimming, chit chatting, playing and we, decided to leave. My family and I went to meet Mak, Ayah, Kak Ogy and Bazli at TKC instead of going home. Just for a short while actually. It was kinda funny when we went to the jewelry store. Mak was being 'kpo'. Haha.

We got home at around 7.00pm and I was exhausted by then. All the fun and excitement before made me lethargic by then. 

I spent today at home as it's Marking Day. At 10am, i received a call from Syaza asking if I would be going out with them. Uncertain, I said that I'll her back to confirm. Ma then called and told me to go to Mak's house instead. In the end, I slept my way through and didn't go anywhere. Hehe. Well, there'll be school tomorrow. I have yet talked to Hakim and I shall do it within these two weeks before school closes. Misses (:

Done here!


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