Tuesday, May 19, 2009

107, Me.You.Us.Love.

Hey Readers!

Today had ups and downs. Will not go into that. I only know that I've got 2 Distinctions,  2 B's and 1 C so far for my Mid-Year. I am unsure of the other subjects. Alhamdullilah, I've improved in most of my subjects. I feel so blessed. Amin. To Nabilah: Don't be too sad okay, bebyh? Don't cry cause it won't change anything. Just accept it alright. You just have to pick yourself right back up and don't give up. It's not the end yet, you still have time to buck up. I want you to know that I will be there for you when you fall. I just cannot bare seeing you sad. As a friend, I would always be there for you. We would take each step together in this 4 years that we have and change it for the better. I love you okay(: Tkmo cry lah, tk pretty tw!

Drama today was as usual hyper! We were talking about lotsa stuffs! I love them all, they are so fun to hang out with. & only if I could follow ya guys during Singapore Arts Festival helping the actor and actresses out, it would be so awesome. I'll try to slot myself in if I could. Hehe. There will be Drama Camp on 6th-7th June. On the 6th, will basically be team bonding, games and all and at night, we'll be going for Electra! On the 7th will be a proper Sec 4 step-down. We still love the Sec 4's no matter what cause' all of us are a family. A really great one(:

Awkward to realise.. I miss you so much that I couldn't put it to words. I miss you so badly. Truly. I miss the warmness and all the times we shared together. I felt so complete for once. I never felt the way I shared for you to any other stranger before. I never missed you like I missed any other stranger before. Then, I realised how special and how much you meant to me. You'll appear into my head in every opportunity I have. I always thought about how you were doing, what you were doing.. I never told you how much I cared but, I did care so much. So much that I never ever wanted anything wrong to happen to you! 

Even when I acted as if I didn't care.. I did.
Even when I never said I loved you.. I do.
Even when I stayed away from you.. I never wanted to.
Even when I said we were nothing.. I never meant it.
You are my everything.
Even when I never called you to say I missed you.. I always did.
Now, I miss you so much and I want this to heal.
And I want you to know how I feel.
The feeling I've developed for you is very real.

I'm still unsure whether I should take US to another level.
Y'know what, too bad you're not reading this. ):



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