Wednesday, May 20, 2009

108, Free Hugs

Whatsup Readers!?

Despite the endless nightmares that were haunting me in my sleep yesterday, I managed to get over it pretty well. I was in shock when I was awaken, I was sweating and my heart pounded super duper fast but tried to calm myself and thank God they were only dreams. It really got me so hurt, shocked at first. And I thought that they were true.. Really got me scared for once.

Went to school a lil bit later today. Due to the packed trains and since Syaza weren't in any of them. I was yawning at the train station. I was there for like 11 minutes alright cause' I missed two trains. Anyhoo, who cares anyway right. Morning assembly turned out to be a briefing about Influenza A, H1N1. In the morning, I was already happy because of the smile I received from that person. My morning turned out great from then on.

There wasn't anything much about Math. We just went through our Mid-Year papers. I'm glad that I scored a B. And it made me much more happier to know that I made Mama happy and I didn't disappoint her this time round. I got to know that I got an A for Geography too, today! Kind of upset as I drop from a Distinction to an A2. Should have got that A1 with another 3 marks! Argh. Still, I'm glad. Went through our English papers during English. My happiness got up to another level when I top the class in Paper 1 & 2! Still, I didn't manage to get an A and got a B instead. My Comprehension & Summary spoiled it. Literature was spent reading magazines. Did our workbook during Mother Tongue. 

My mood just got even better after school! I gave that guy the hug I have wanted to give the past few weeks. Finally, today turned out just the right day and time to do so. I just missed you so much and I really needed to get a warm hug from you. It has been weeks! Till today, that is.. Maybe it was inappropriate to have hugged you it in school at the aisle but I really missed you and that was the right time I could do so. Or else, I never could have. Only if I could receive hugs from you everyday... Free hugs people, free hugs! Haha. I miss you, still. Huhu.

I wouldn't elaborate much on what happened after school. I just hate it when people just talk bullshit about you when in fact they don't even know you. If you think that you're all that, you're not. You're just another Bimbo. You have the looks but you've got no brain. I never had wanted to talk or even get to know you cause' of that attitude of yours. Please, go do something about it. The reason why people try to avoid you. Hah, sadly, you don't even notice it. How sad. Seriously, you need a reality check. Get to know me before you judge me.

Alhamdullilah, I did well in my Mid-Years. I've especially got the fullest support from Mama. It seems that studying in my room for plenty of hours and going through books really did help. Practice makes perfect right? I feel so blessed. Praises to Allah. Amin.

Lotsa Love;


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