Thursday, May 21, 2009

109, Four Months

Hello Readers!

Today was as usual. Again, I smiled throughout the whole day. Until.. Forget about it lah. Nothing much happened today actually. I just look forward to going to school everyday. With the great people around, the smiles I receive and all the love I've developed for these people, just makes each day brighter. Knowing that someone is always looking forward to meeting me the day after, in school, just makes it better. Hehe. How great my life is !

Four Months? Does that mean anything? Hmm.. I wonder, still. I look back and see how far we have gone and how far we have brought ourselves. We've gone this far to stop everything and I am willing to meet all the obstacles ahead of us. The good or bad. Cause I believe that we'll be able to overcome all the obstacles at ease. It's piece and parcel of life. Furthermore, I have plans for us next week! Hehe. I really need to spend quality time with you before the June holidays start and I am very much aware that we only have this few months for each other. That is, before you leave.. Lets make the best out of these few months we have together. I feel so complete for once.

I don't really have much to write based on today. Oh yea, I might be out for holidays in June. Will be out with Mdm Zuraidah's family, i guess. Will be able to meet SabrinaSyg & ZakirahSyg. I totally miss them ):

All for now.


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