Friday, May 22, 2009

110, Head Over Heals.

Hello Readers(:

Today was as usual. Had free period during first lesson. Music- 2nd period. Followed by recess. After Recess was supposed to be Math but Mrs. Tn decided to bring us to cyber lab. This time, we were given permission to go anywhere we wanted. While everyone was engrossed with their little stuffs, I was busy being pissed with the computer. There wasn't any sound alright. Darn that computer!

After school, my class retained for about half an hour for History. Soon after, I met Syahirah and we lepak under her block. Later, we had ShafiQ, Fahmy and Zul joining us. Was there for at least an hour and had to leave for Drama. Drama was fun, as usual. 

Yes. The June holidays are drawing nearer. What shall I do during the holidays? The first thing I am and have been looking forward to since last month was Shopping. If you are still not aware, The Great Singapore Sale will take place from 29th May to 26th July. This is my opportunity to pamper myself and shop till I drop. I am having lotsa things in mind on what to shop for.. New handphone.. More Tees.. More jeans.. Sneakers.. Pump Shoe.. Short Dresses.. More Skirts.. Lots More! 

Plans for June Hols. Well, I am planning to go for SleeQ events. And that will be a for sure. I am gonna have a Drama Camp. I might be going for Holidays. I am gonna plan to go out with Love. Yes, a date. Ahaha. We have gone home together, walk to sch together, walk around my neighbourhood together but not a proper date yet. Next month, it shall be(: It'll be OUR month kn? Hehe.



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