Friday, May 22, 2009

111, Empty Without You

Hello Readers(:

Today will definitely be a boring day. Why? I won't be out! I've wanted to go out for the past few weeks but to no avail. Pissed. Even a lil shopping won't do? Wth. I feel like throwing my tantrums but I shall shut up and act as if nothing's happening. When I knew that we(I) weren't going out, I just got upset and mad at the same time and when I asked Ma whether I could get a _______ she gave me this look and nagged. Why can't I get one? You don't let me go out, you don't let me get this, get that, do this, do that.. I'm so fcuked pissed. I didn't even look at her when she talked to me. Yes, I'm mad. Why don't you let me do what I want to do.. Sometimes, I feel like I have to stop listening to you for once.

Since I was in my bad mood that night, I went to sleep early, at around 10pm. 3.00am, I received a call from Farhan. And yea, I did answer it. But it wasn't Farhan talking. It was the two badut, ShafiQ and Rauf. Huhu. We talked for about an hour, actually. The funniest part was when I heard Farhan talking in his sleep. Ahaha! Hilarious. At 4am, i put down my phone and went back to my beauty sleep. Yet, I wasn't able to....

I then realised how much I missed receiving night calls from love. I always got my hopes up high, telling myself that it's you but when I answer calls or look at the messages I receive. All the hopes got drowned in the drain. I remember those times when you'd call me every night & we'll talk for 3/4 hours. I didn't care if I were to going to wake up with eye-bags. Cause' when I was on the phone with you, all the sleepiness went away. I loved it when we or you were able to keep yourself awake till we ended our call. But you're standard, there'll be the time when you'll just go to sleep and I had to wait for a few minutes to make sure that you were already asleep. Ahaha. Such memorable times we shared. Only if I could receive the late night calls from you again, how complete i'll feel. I nearly cried.. Thinking about how far we will go. It is so painful thinking about what's gonna happen. For now, I really do miss you ): I really do.


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