Saturday, May 23, 2009

112, Kiss A Boy

I was bored, trust me.

Due to some circumstances, I did go out yesterday with my family excluding Papa to Lot 1. My mood really got flushed all the way down when reached there. I was not in my besterest mood and I just felt so pissed. Whatever lah eh. Soon after, we went to watch Night At The Museum 2. Despite the mood I was in, I was being cheered up by the humor in the movie. It's such a great and humorous movie. It sure was the pill to cheering me up. Go catch the movie! It will definitely make you laugh like a fit maniac.. && if you're feeling down, you have to watch it. Another movie recommended.(:

After the movie, we went around the mall and I bought a book-Dear Prince Charming. I'm currently on the fourth chapter. Bookworm or what? Ahaha! I can sure be one but I'm such a lazy ass. We then had dinner at Food Junction. After dinner, home sweet home. 


Done about yesterday. See that picture above? That's Keith Urban. I cannot deny that he's totally sexy. Can't you? Omg! His grayish- blue eyes are just so cute and I totally got hooked up onto him when I heard him sing. I was like, who the hell is this guy? He has such a great voice.. I'm not the kind of person who goes for hot guys, but.. He's just ... aw, so sexy. Hehe 

Here, listen to him sing:

This single to his is called 'Kiss A Girl'.
Catchy ain't it?

Enjoyyy! :D


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