Sunday, May 24, 2009

113, Silhouette Dreams.

Hello Readers!

Today, my family and I went to Mak Busu's house on my father's side. My cousin, Amin Yaasin, turns 1 year old today. So, my family and I decided to go to the mini birthday party held. Sadly, I didn't bring along my camera ): Amin is growing so fast! The last time I saw him was when he was only a few months old. Oh, how fast time flies! Not a lot of people whom I knew were there. I only saw Cik Ida's and Pak Uda's family, with only some of my cousins and my niece. It was okay lah. I love chocolate fountain(: Hehe

Riot of emotions and thoughts have been swirling in my mind for the past few days. Still, I go back looking on the brighter and positive side. It does hurt knowing what's gonna happen next year and maybe a few years later but we sure can make it through. See, I think positive. We won't know what's gonna happen in the long run but this is our first and last. Nonetheless, I have came up with my decision cause I believe in US and how far we have brought ourselves. Sadly, this only brings pain, sorrow and agony. 

Tag Replies:

Nursya: Haha. No worries, it was me(: Hope to see ya soon, again! & yea, will link ya soon bebyh!
Umairah: HEYYY! Okay, soon alright!
Atikah: I miss you too oi! Meet up soon tw!
Asya: Oh, okay.
Irah: Have done so(:
Tiffany: Thank you for tagging. & soon alright?
Nazurah: Aku pun rindu kau oi! See u during Drama okay love(:
Yong Sim: Hello!
Weilin: Thank You for linking & I will do the same soon :D
Irah: Hehe. Okay(: Thank you taw.
Ninaluhshey: Okay.

I so am looking forward to school tomorrow :D


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