Monday, May 25, 2009

114, Now or Never

Hello Readers.

Today, as usual went with school with Syaza. We had to proceed to class to have temparature taking. Nabilah and I went to get changed and went to the Indoor Sports Hall to have floorball for us girls. This is all part of our Post-exam Activities. Overall, out of all 6 games, my class won big time! Big Whoop! We were screaming like a fit maniac. Well, only Nabilah and I to be exact.

I suffered an injury which resulted to a blue-black mark on my knee. This girl who seems to have an attitude problem wasn't happy that my class was winning. Instead, she pushed me hard causing me to fall on the ground. And still not happy, she kicked/hit my leg which caused me with a mark. Fuck that girl. Hello, if you're not happy tell me. You don't have to make a big fuss about it. At least say sorry or something, I would understand. But you decided to stick with your emotions and screamed 'What!' at me. You need to do something with that attitude of yours. I despise such people. They just don't have basic manners. 

After school, Nabilah, Syahirah and I headed to Fajar for MacD. After having apple pie, ice creams and coke respectively, we decided to lepak at Irah's block for a moment. While I was there, I bumped into one of my best-guyfriend Hani! It's been long since I saw him. I miss those times when we went out and lepak together. He said that he'll call me tonight, lets see if he can stick with his words. Haha! I love him lah. At 2.00pm, I proceeded to school for Drama. We had a foreign instructor coming today. It was fun, no doubt. (:

After Drama, received a call from SyafiQ. He told me to wait for him at the gate. Why? Cause' he wanted to drag me to MacD since we wanted to have a bite. So yea, FiiQo, Rauf and I went to MacD at Fajar. && thank you for the treat taw! Hehe. Talk talk. Eat Eat. Soon, we left. I went home alone cause' Rauf didn't want to take the train and SyafiQ decided to follow him. I then reached home at 7.00pm.

Well, that's for today. Tomorrow, my cohort will be going to Hort Park for a trek. Oh, how tired it's gonna be. From 8am to 1pm. Wth? Nvm, it shall be good exercise despite the pain I'm feeling cause of the fucking girl. My leg really hurts when I walk after I was being kicked/hit on the leg. Urgh, just be happy that I didn't start a fight with you. Damn pissed.

I want a break.
I have to get my mind away from everything.
I don't want to stress myself up. Complicated.
Move on. Stay rooted. 
No one feels how I feel.


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