Tuesday, May 26, 2009

115, Emotions.


I was so depressed yesterday night. I went to bed at 9.15pm and cried for 5 solid minutes. Don't ask why. I felt so hurt, somehow.

I woke up in a horrible condition today. My back ached due to yesterday's extensive Drama training and maybe because if floorball too. I could hardly bend. My back was killing me! Urgh. As usual, went to school with Syaza Syg. Morning assembly was occupied by tons of announcements. Big whoop. Since my cohort was going to leave for Hort Park, we had an early recess. Sat down with my usual girlfys with some of them boys. Soon, saw Hakim! He was suppose to have D&T but purposely went to the canteen to get a drink despite the fact that he knows that he'll be reprimanded if our DM sees him. Shared drinks(and mind you, tk sedap. Pahit je. hehe) and he went for D&T while I went back to my girls.

Our first destination was I-don't-know-where. I was with Nabilah Syg, Shafiq, Zul & Shah. We were the most kecoh people you could see around. We spent our time taking loads of pictures when we were on the bridge. There were loads and I shall post all of them soon(: Later, we reached Hort Park. Totally fun! Took more pictures with Nabilah and them rugby boys. All of us had ice-cream then. After our long break, we had to leave for Bukit Chandu. Trekking up Bukit Chandu was... No comment. I was sweating profusely and I was panting hard. But, it sure was fun! After a very very long walk,we sat at I-don't-know-where. Again, more pictures were taken:D Ahaha.

Got back to school. Lepak with Nabilah & Irah. Went for Drama.

Yup, all of today. Tomorrow's gonna be a simple day. First 1 hour in school doing Project Work. Break. My class and another 2 classes will be leaving for Singapore Arts Museum. && after school, I don't have to stay back! Gerek pa? Hehe.

*Readers, I would reply your tags at my posts instead of my tagboard. So, do not bother whoever that goes by the name 'Fana' and pretends as if she's me. I would only tag to tell you taggers that your tags have been replied. Get me right? :D

Tags Reply:

Kak Jihan: Hey Kak! Thank you for tagging :D I've tagged ya back(:
fana: Excuse me, who are you? Please, if you want to tag me. Tell me who you are, use your name. Don't be sucha coward. Whoever you are, you can just click on the exit button if you don't like my blog or me y'know? Cause' you're very much welcome. And come again once you've found your own identity. Have A Good Day.
Weilin: Maybe.. Maybe not. Whoever that person is, lets don't care right? No point giving attention to such people cause' that's what they are asking for, anyway.
Yong Sim: Haha! Yup, people with no guts. And yes, very true. :D
Irah: Okay, soon!


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