Thursday, May 28, 2009

117, Pain & Pressure


I won't elaborate much in yesterday. Once, I've received pictures from Nabilah, I'll post them here and let them do the talking.

Today. LS- watched movie/reflection. PE- Ran 2.4. Eng-watched twilight. History-watched movie. Science-watch movie. Basically, today was spent watching movies. I thought of not attending school today but insisted on going cause' these are the only last few days of school before the June Holidays start. Again, i thought of skipping school tomorrow but we'll be receiving our Report Books. Urgh. 

I wasn't exactly in my good mood today. I'm totally sorry to my girlfys if I became too moody.

I just need to reflect. 
I need time. 
I need a break. 
I need to put my mind at ease. 
That's all I need.


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