Friday, May 29, 2009

118, Faith

Hello Readers!

As promised, I said that I'll be back with a proper post. And I shall keep to my words.

Today & yesterday was nothing much. There were no lessons at all. The whole morning before Recess was spent with the nomination of President Of Pupil Councillors. I got bored for most of the parts actually. Furthermore, it was boring anyway. They ask, you talk. Y'know some usual stuffs. Nabilah and I got damn restless. No, seriously.

After recess, went back to class and Ms Chw told our class MSG. We totally shuck. Still, we did show improvement. Kudos to us ! A period before school ends, all of us received our Report Books. I'm absolutely proud of myself for placing 4th in the class(: Well done Fana! I could have got more A's. Sadly, I dropped to a B for both English and History. Darn it! Never mind, I shall strive harder next semester.

After school, Syaza & Nabilah went for Dance while Irah & I lepak. We went to Bangkit and lepak somewhere nearby. Since Irah was hungry, we went to Bangkit again but we weren't sure if the food was Halal. Again, we went back to the same lepak spot and crapped. Talk like nobodies business and listened to songs. Soon after, the boys ended their sembahyang Jumaat. Sharks, Papa was just beside Syg. I panicked for a moment and Syg thought I was hiding from him-.-". Then, Irah set off for home and I did so myself. Walk with Syg & his friend. Talk talk. His friend spoil uh.. On the brighter note, I got to walk with Syg on the last day of sch(before the start of June Hols, that is). 

I got home, took a bath and called Nabilah. We decided to go and eat at MacD at Fajar. Mind you, I walked from home all the way there okay. Tiring. Met her at her block and we both went to MacD together. I got my McChicken & she had her Fillet-O-Fish. We then bumped into Fairouz & co. Ahaha. Soon after, we had to leave abruptly due to some circumstances. Instead of going home, I went to Mak's house... Cause I got bored of home.

I shall post the pics taken on Tuesday & Wednesday once I've received them from Nabilah(:

I still do have faith in us;



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