Saturday, May 30, 2009

120, Serenity

Whatsup People ! :D

Alrighty! As predicted, yesterday was spent at home. I was left at home with my dearest lad, Fakhrul while Papa and Abang went to a soccer carnival at Tampines and Mama went for a Seminar to give her talk. Still, it was fun taking care of this monster yesterday, especially before we went to sleep. We talked about how he could accept Sayang as my boyfriend. Ahaha! Insyallah, he will somehow. (:

Today ? Hmm.. It'll most probably be the same, i guess. I'm getting bored of home, really. It's really hurtful to know that you don't feel welcomed and that you're like a stranger in the house. So much for wanting me to stay at home. It getting really irritating when you expect me to stay at home all the time and when I don't you make a big fuck fuss about it. You don't understand, you're just selfish. You only think about what you do and you have no idea how that affects other people or maybe me. Have you ever thought of that? I guess not. At least, I have my friends to count on. Klau terase kaw peh psl uh eh. 

Heck care, I shall go out with or without permission. I'll be going to Far East Plaza for SleeQ's event on Friday but I've yet decide who to go with. Anyone interested to go? Hehe. Saturday and Sunday will be spent at school due to Drama Camp. Again,I'm going without permission. Be happy that you won't see me for two days at home. Don't bother thinking about me cause' I'll be having a hell of a time with my friends. Still, unsure about other days. But, I sure have been wanting to go out with my girlfys. Soon, soon. Other than that, I might be out with Sayang in Week 3 or 4. Yezzar, we shall spent the days together. (:

I NEED to go Shopping !
Anyone want to accompany me ? Huhu~



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