Sunday, May 31, 2009

121, Beautiful Soul.

Hello Readers!

Yes, I'm back with another morning post! Since I was bored yesterday, I asked Pa if we could go out and Pa went "Ya, Lets go Botanic Garden". Changed and off we went. Abang didn't tag along as he went to play soccer with his friends. Fakhrul and I dozed off half way. Haha! Instead of going to Botanic Garden, we went to MacRitchie Resevouir Park. It was my first visit there. Yea, I know, Big Whoop. 

Enjoying ourselves, we went to the bridge to look at the fishes. But hell the water was dirty. So, I thought, "The water must have been so dirty that the fishes died". Haha! Despite the fact that we weren't suppose to feed them, Papa decided to go against the rules and fed these fishes(if there were any). Any yes, there were! The fishes came to the breads and they had war. It was as if they hadn't had food for a very long time. Starving fishies. 

Again, we walked around. Oh yea, we saw monkeys! Its so awkward knowing that these monkeys don't go around scaring people. Furthermore, they are not caged at all! Again, we walked around. We decided to sit down at the shelter(not really actually) and had a 'picnic'. We made that particular place ours, making people less comfortable coming. Ahaha! While Pa, Ma & Fakhrul was eating, I was standing up, looking around. There was this feeling, it was so calm, so relaxing, so breathtaking that suddenly put a smile on my face. It made me put all problems and negativity away. It was serenity.

We then left the place and walked around. I sat down for a moment while Pa, Ma and Fakhrul played Frisbee. I then thought how nice it would be if I could share my whole problems with this place. It helped me to be calmed so much. How wonderful it would be if I could visit these places everyday. It just puts my mind at ease. It then gave me a thought where Syg & I should go out next time. (:

At 7.30pm, we left the place and headed for Causeway Point cause I was hungry. I had Fish & Chips. Left the place after we ate and went back to fetch Abang. After fetching this lad, we went some where around Bukit Merah. Went to MacD there, where they was a pond filled with lotsa turtles and fishes. Again, our purpose was to feed them. Ahaha. I didn't know if we were able to do so, but looking at Pa feeding them, I couldn't resist on doing so myself. Much later, we set for home.

And today? Well, at home, I guess. Cause' Ma is out for some reason and Abang will be swimming with his friends. And Pa might bring Fakhrul swimming elsewhere. Me? I'll stay at home when in fact I think it's unfair and I really want to go out. Oh never mind, I'm intending to go out tomorrow! I wanna buy shoes and berms. Yes, shopping! Anyone want to accompany?

I shall post the pics when I've uploaded em'.
Oh yea, it might be a lil late but Luck To Those Taking Their 'O's MT todayyy!



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