Sunday, May 10, 2009

99, Yippie Di Do!


Happy Mother's Day!
to my dearest Mama(: Thank you for all the sacrifices you've made and all that you've done. You're a great mother and I cannot deny. Well, I've told you everything, so I'll just keep this short kay?

I love you Ma, I truly do(:


Had History Paper today. Okay la, not that bad. I was able to do most of the questions. No high hopes but I really hope that I'll get A1, again. After the exam ended at 9.30am, Girlfys includes Syaza, Nabilah, Irah & myself, went to Teck Whye to meet Primary School friends.

WAHSEH! Met Syafiee, Yat & Shafeeq at CC first. Then, girlfys and I decided to go to MacD but... So, we walked around the shops. Buy doughnut and then sat at the under the block of block ???. Kecoh Kecoh. After eatting, we went to Teck Whye Garden. When I saw Huda & Janna, I started screaming like one hell of a kid. LOLS! Hughug Huda sama Janna. Rindu dorang like so fucking much oii !

Then, we talktalktalk. Soon, Nabilah, Irah & I follwed Syaza to her house as Syaza wanted to get her skirt changed. Something happened there.. Only my girls know): I'm not that upset nor am I that angry lah. We'll talk when we meet. Aftr that, left the place and went to Teck Whye Garden back. Then, we all decided to go to block 19- the place where we usually went during our P. sch days after hectic school. Syaza, Nabilah & Irah went to fetch Khaliesa while Huda, Janna, Bdk Dunearn & I went to block 19 first. Huda, Janna & I naughty ehh. *cheeky smile. Ahaha.

Met Khaliesa Syg & hugged her. I miss her like soooooooooooooo much! We talktalktalk. Crapcrapcrap. We had a gret atime at block 19. So the v. the gerekk !
After that, we all went out separate ways. Kid, Syaza, Irah & I went to BPP to have KFC. But, we only had french fries cause most of us were short of money to buy food. Hoho~
Went toilet, take picture & left.

I Love Huda Syg & Khaliesa Syg So Much ! <3



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