Monday, June 1, 2009

122, Cupcakes

Morning Readers ! :D

I was being saved by boring-ness yesterday thanks to Nabilah ! If she hadn't called me, I could have suffocated due to boring-ness. Ahaha. We chit chatted for sometime, as usual gossiping about those people. Hehe. And eh you, Thursday eh! You are my only hope lah to go out on Thursday. Jgn Paitou ! So, we ended our call which was about 4 to 5 cause' Pa wanted to bring Fakhrul swimming and I had to tag along. Oh finally, we're going out! Fetched Ma and off we went. Well, I didn't swim, I was only enjoying that gushing sounds of water while Pa & Fakhrul went swimming. 

A few hours later, we left for West Mall. Papa's plan was to go in, fetch Abang and get out. But I insisted on strolling around the mall. Can see that Pa was reluctant but he did stroll around, on the first two levels-.-" . Oh yea, I spotted two shoes that I really really wanna buy! So Nabilah, you buy your dress after that we go West Mall then I want to buy shoes & bermuda okay? Hah. I've got $200 to spent on but I'm not gonna splurge all the money. When actually, I do want to but I just can't. Hoho.

Today? Ma again, will be out. Pa and us kids will be at home. Still, I'm unsure whether we'll be out after that. Oh wells.

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Cassie: HEYYY ! :D
Iman: Hey bebyh. I love yo too(: Ahaha, if I hot then u hotter okay!
Huda: You're welcome Darla :D
Aryna: Oh great. Most prolly. Heh...
"Jiayan: Thank you for tagging(:
Nina: Nvr give me yr link! Nvm, I'll find u. & okey dokey
Nurul: Aw. Most prolly. Go lahh thn cn meet..
mdn :D : Oh really ? Will do soon alright.



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