Tuesday, June 2, 2009

123, Paper Hearts.

Morning Morning ! (:

I intended on posting the overdue pictures but it seems that my laptop doesn't allow me to do so. I shall do something about it soon, I hope. Yesterday was spent at Mak's House. I got to meet my dearest Bazli(the baby above) ! I missed him so much and and he's oh-so-cute, that I cannot deny. For a baby who have yet reached two, he is definitely a smart boy. & oh, he's gonna have a younger sibling ! Yes, Kak Ogy is expecting a baby around Jan or Feb(: I shall be a happy auntie ! Ahaha.

Again, I'm unsure how today will be spent. I really wanna go out these few days! To think about it, I'll be out with Nabilah tomorrow ! YAYY :D We'll go S-H-O-P-P-I-N-G ! Like finally, I have someone to accompany me go shopping. Hehe. She better come or else I'm gonna break down and smash my head to the wall. Hah yea right Fana, yeah right. 

Truthfully, I have no idea what to talk about-.-"

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Iman: Hey. Which Iman is this eh ? I'm hoping it's Iman(prempuan). lols. Cause' I know two Iman and I hope I didn't mix you both up. Cause that'll be so paiseh. Huhu~
Aryna: Shall see you there then, if I'm confirm going that is(:
Jannah: Heyy. Okey Dokey Darl, soon :D



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