Wednesday, June 3, 2009

124, Sweet Kiss

Whatsup Readers :D !


  • Bukit Panjang Plaza
Even though our plan was to go shopping today, Nabilah and I decided to go shopping yesterday. Haha. I met her at Bukit Panjang Plaza at 11.45am and my dearest vain-pot, got her dress and eyeliner. Soon after, we boarded the lrt, stopped at Chua Chu Kang and rode the MRT to Bukit Batok. 

  • West Mall
Went there as I wanted to get those Everlast shoes. I was indecisive whether to buy two or one. Since Nabilah told me to just buy one so I can shop for other stuffs and so I did. And then, i got fickle-minded. Green or Purple ? Tried both and decided on getting the green one. After buying shoes, went to This Fashion to get myself Bermudas. Got one and bought it ! Hehe. We then took a stroll around the Mall. Since we had more time, we decided to go to Lot 1. So, we went to the exit but I stopped by one the shops to buy myself a cardigan. Heh. Nabilah bought a watch herself. Off we went to board the train..

  • Lot 1
We didn't exactly shop at Lot 1. We just did a lil of window-shopping. Went to Cotton On, Vogue.... Just then, Nabilah got hungry. So, we took 190 to Bukit Panjang Plaza. Again.

  • Bukit Panjang Plaza.
Initially, we wanted to eat at Long John Silver but I thought there weren't anything much. So, we decided to eat at MacD but then, I changed my mind and we ate at KFC. Huhu. Nabilah had her meal while I had my snackers. Eat eat. Talk talk. 

I then got home while Nabilah met her friends, i guess.
Well, Thank you so much to Nabilah for accompanying me go shopping:D . We shall do that again sometime oky ? Now, I officially have my shopping buddayyyy . Ahaha !

Total spent yesterday: $56
Hmm.. I managed to spend without going over my budget.
$.$ !

Will be out with Sayang next week. After he finishes sch that is(:
Date or what eh syg? Alrighty, i love you like i nvr loved you before
K, shaddup Fana.

Fana! (:


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