Thursday, June 4, 2009

125, I miss you quite terribly.

Good Morning ! :D

Yesterday was spent at home. But no biggie because I'll be out today ! Will be out to meet Jannah for SleeQ's performance(: I thought of following the Drama group for 3 Blind Mice today but it starts at 1pm and so, I have to be there in the morning. And SleeQ's performance starts at 8pm. If I were to go, I'd spent my whole day in Orchard ! Gosh. Furthermore, I don't think Pa will like if I spent my whole day there. Basically, I'll meet Jannah at Orchard Mrt Station, right after 3 Blind Mice at 4.30pm. We'll stroll around, have lunch and I was thinking of doing window-shopping while waiting for 8pm.

Before that I invited Nabilah but her curfew was eight-.-". Irah and Syaza can't go due to some circumstances. Abang wouldn't wanna come cause he says he'll be tired as he has Art and floorball. So, Jannah shall it be ! Huhu. I totally miss the SleeQ ): The last time I met them was 28th Feb. Look, I still rmbr the date*smirks. It has been v. long no doubt. I miss Syarif's sexy voice and Alyph's charming looks. -Zomg. But seriously, I really miss them. I love those dudes(: See ya later on !

Other than that, I won't be blogging with effect from tomorrow. Well, only for two days on Saturday and Sunday cause' I'll be in school for Drama Camp. Yippiee :D . We'll be playing ice-breaking games, going through our scripts for our performance on Drama Night. Will be out to Esplanade for Electra. A proper step-down for our dearest Sec 4's(: So, all of you better miss me ! Ahaha !



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