Sunday, June 7, 2009

126, SleeQ Love


Haha, I sure am back ! I have two events to post about; SleeQ's performance at Far East Plaza & Drama Camp 09'. I'll post about SleeQ's Classiq Street Launch today and Drama Camp 09'(6th-7th June) tomorrow.

5th June 2009.

I left home at 3.45pm and boarded 190 to Far East Plaza. Thinking that I was late to meet Jannah, I actually wasn't. I reached Far East Plaza at 4.20pm and she was late for 30mins. Still, no biggie(: . Alongside with Vanessa & Iman we walked at level one of Far East Plaza. We went around for about three times and we laughed like nobodies business. Hilarious. Since I was hungry and I was craving for KFC we went around to search for it. After walking around Orchard, Jannah and I went back to Far East Plaza to get KFC there instead-.-". Iman & Vanessa left for home.

I had my Ultimate Value Meal while Jannah had her Snackers. We were there for like a very long time, no doubt. We chit chatted about lotsa stuffs actually. After a very late lunch, we walked around Far East Plaza to kill time before 8pm strike. 

SleeQ's performance was delayed to about 9pm. Before they did their thang on stage, I got to meet Aryna! This is my third year knowing her but we have yet met. Oh finally, Friday was the day. She's such a sweet darla(: Us, SleeQaholics hanged out with the dudes SleeQ and Kak Jihan. Took pictures, chit chatted. Soon after, Jannah left and I was left with Aryna. Again, I walked around the mall but this time with Aryna. 

A few long minutes later, our dudes finally went on stage. Their first song was Moviestar. Fo'sho we were singing along(: The second song the sang was 'Ain't about later'. It's sucha nice song! And their performance was Awesome, as usual(: After their performance, we hang out with the dudes behind the stage. I left at about 10+ pm and reached home at 11.15pm. 

That's for Friday. Sorry if the post is kinda plain. I'm feeling pretty jaded right now since i got back from Camp. I promise that tomorrow's post about Drama Camp will be much better(: 

Before I forget, A lil bit of Promo !

SleeQ has finally released their album Classiq!
They've got a total of 13 songs, mostly Malay songs, in their album this time!
You can start getting them at Muzika Records. Go buy! 
You won't regret buying Classiq, I have no doubts to that(:
Support Sleeq, one of Singapore's brightest talents :D
*Go localszx!



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