Monday, June 8, 2009

128, Drama Camp 09'

Day 1- 6th June 09.

The Power Puff Girls! Ahaha. *Lovelove.

After reaching school at 9.00am, the whole Drama Club started the morning with a little of fun by playing games. Our Seniors and Sec 3's coordinated games before breakfast. After breakfast, we played another game by the Sec 3's and some games Ms Chermaine planned for us. It required us to get into groups of 3. Our group was called 'The Power Puff Girls' which consisted of Nazurah, Annisa, Patrice, Jeremy, Salihan, Wee Yeow, Rosepriya, Praveen, Kanchen and myself. We're aww-some lah! *smirks.

From 1.00pm to 5.00pm, we went to our groups for the play 'Beauty is a beast' and 'Jackie and the chilliestalk' accordingly while the Seniors rehearsed their performance. Patrice, Cassie and I got the role of the 3 witches. From 5.00pm to 6.15pm, we were given time to bath, change and eat before we left for Victoria Theater to catch Electra. The show was fair, I guess. Some of the scenes were wickedly funny and having Nazurah and Annisa sitting beside me just made it fun. I slept for a few minutes to some boring scenes but oh well..

Glenn and myself. Look at Glenn, cute right? :D

After Electra, we set for school and played a game coordinated by the Sec 3's. Damn I was perplexed on what to do. Hehe. Over all, it was fun(: Soon after, we ordered McDonalds, thank you to Salihan. A few of us watched 'Hairspray' until 2.15am while the others dozed off. After the movie, we all snoozed away. Annisa, Patrice, Cassie and I slept in the middle of the room and it was freezing cold. Blurgh.

Day 2- 7th June 2009.

I was awaken at 6.30am and wasn't able to sleep back. At around 7.00am, Nazurah, Yani and I went to take our shower. We played a game coordinated by the Sec 2's and followed by us, the Sec 1's. Our game was pretty challenging, they may not have got it but at least they showed teamwork. The boys were spotting for mistakes. Cheeky! Ahaha. We too presented our spoof of Electra. I was laughing hysterically watching the spoofs! It was no doubt, amusing, entertaining and funny which made it all so crazy and whacky.

Patrice, Myself and Venessa. Right before Electra.

Soon after, we watched an interesting performance by our Seniors. We then watched a 'Graduation' slideshow prepared by Ms Chermaine. I started shedding some tears for the Seniors. We then had a proper step-down for the Sec 4's and Salihan sang One Last by Taufik Batisah. We sang along and I started shedding tears for the Seniors again.

Well for me, the sign of our tears have shown what we have made ourselves into- A family. Despite being in Drama for only 5 months now, I totally feel welcomed. The Seniors have been so pleasant and nice to be with though I may not know them that well. Still, they've managed to create a big impact in my life. And being able to spend time with them during the camp means more.

Myself with Salihan. Publication Peopleszxs! Huhu(:

Well, if any of you Seniors are reading this right now, this is for you..
All the best in your future endeavours and I am very sure everyone will miss you all. It has been such a pleasure to be able to spend time with all of you during the camp. I won't forget the moments we shared and I'm sure ya'll won't forget it too. *hugs* I love all of you.

Lengthly enough? This lengthly post shows how free I am and how much time I wanna kill. Haha. Fyi, above pics were taken from Glenn and Annisa's blog and Nadiah's Multiply. Anyhoo, I have changed my email add: . Go add me in msn oky? Hehe. Drama Camp 09' was Aww-some ! :D

K, I love all of you. Shaddup Fana.
xoxo! (:


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