Monday, June 8, 2009

129, Lethargic

I hate myself for being an early waker.

Tags Reply:

Aryna: Hey Bebyh! And finally we've met(: We shall do it more often fo'sho.
Ifa: I replied specially for you at my taggy. Hehe.
Khaliesa: Hmm.. Aku plan ? Tapy korang nk gy mne? I really miss you guys lah. Badly! & no, I do not have a boyfriend. Huhu(:
Syafieka: Hey! Yea, I did. Aw, there's always a next time yea. Hope to meet up with you someday(:
Aryna: Darn! I've yet to get it from Kak Ji. Maybe today or tmrw.. And I'm pretty sure it'll be addictive as what Lyph's mum told. && Thank you for the pics! Credits to you.
Weilin: Hello ! :D
Amir: Cmne kaw tawu aku ade blog eh ? Ohkay, understood(: Haha, no probbys lah abt the b'day wish. Aku kn baik. Ahaha. & I am v. fine and my holidays are fair, i guess.
Kak Jihan: Aw, no problem Kak(: You'll see me more for upcoming events ;)
Salihan: Aw, no probbys.& I'll do the same for you too alright. & yupp, see you around school sometime(:

Thank you for tagging ya'll. Keep the tags comin' alright! I'm kinda lazy to blog now actually. Gonna have breakfast later at Banquet. Shall post when I feel like it. Ahaha(:

Take Care People:D


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