Wednesday, June 10, 2009

131, Pilihan Aku

Hey Readers ! (:

Well, yesterday was definitely a fun day. I was elated to meet Sabrina & Zakirah. I might be meeting them again this week. My family and their's might be having dinner together at Malaysia. Hehe(: We went separate ways at 6.30pm. Ma, Pa, Fakhrul and I went to BPP to get our dinner at KFC and I left at 7.20pm to meet Kak Jihan but she was still having dinner. At around 9pm, I met Kak Jihan to get ClassiQ ! & I didn't know we lived that near. So, Aryna & I can drop by to 'lepak' someday uh ? Ahaha(:

Fakhrul & I rushed back home to we could listen to the song. As soon as we got home, we started listening to ClassiQ. My personal reviews:

Untuk Dia
It is a fun song ! I didn't get it at first but after listening to it thrice, I got the story. It's kinda like Lyph met this girl. But it turns out that she has a boyfriend already and Syarif was there to give advice. 

Mabuk is definitely a catchy song with such cute lyrics (: Though they used auto tune, I really am impressed. Cause i'm not really a fan of auto tune, ya see. && I really like the starting 'Hocus Pocus ya Notice.' Haha.(:

Sembunyi is a sweet song. It has such meaningful lyrics. With Alyph's and Syarif's awesome beats and voice respectively, the song just turned out amazing. Mesmerized(:

Tanya Nama
Omg! Tanya nama is such a fun song to sing along with ! And with the dudes talking, it's so cute. It definitely put a smile on my face ! && the ending was so funny. Esp with that laugh of Alyph. Ahaha! (:

Ain't About Later
Ain't about later has been on my playback ! It definitely is a very nice song. I find it like another version of Miss Independant. Well done ! (:

Terima Kasih Sayang
Terima Kasih is another fun song to sing along with. And there's something interesting about this song.. Just that little something in the song that made it such an amazing one. "SleeQ, knapa kau sngt sempurna kpada ku? " Ahaha(:

Selamat Malam
Selamat malam it such a sweet, touching and kinda sad song. Syarif's sexay voice made the song really.. 'aww'. And from Lyph's rap I could understand that they broke up cause' of rumors. Such a touching song.

I was hoping that there would lyrics, but still the album is satisfying. Next album must come with lyrics kay? Haha. Well, I only did reviews for the songs that I have yet heard before the album release. I would like to congratulate SleeQ for the birth of ClassiQ. Even though it was long, it was definitely worth the wait. Like what Lyph's mum said, the songs are addictive and it definitely is! I had a wide smile on my face listening to the songs. All of their are so damn good that I'm not able to chose my personal favourite. Hehe(: Never have I regretted being a SleeQaholic. I definitely am proud to be one(: && congrats to the dudes for being nominated for APM once again ! We all will be voting hardcore, no doubt ! Ahaha. I love you dudes. & always will (:

Well, I was thinking of doing something like what the SleeQaholic Malaysia did. Y'know to make a cover of one of their songs. Insyallah, I will. I'll tribute it to SleeQ and all SleeQaholics.... That is if I do one. Ahaha(: & oh yea, I wonder who Persident Of SleeQaholic will be ..

Alright, I'll be out soon(:
xoxo !


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