Thursday, June 11, 2009

132, Untuk Dia..

Whatsup Readers ! :D

Well, yesterday was alright. My colour code for yesterday was: Black & White. (as you can see in the picture above). Since ClassiQ is totally addictive and I couldn't leave without it, I brought my laptop along so that I could listen to the songs. Ahaha! Yes, that picture above was taken by my webcam. I didn't eat at all yesterday until dinner which we had at about 6+. We sold our previous laptop and got $330. At least we still have 3 lappys at home. After that, we went to get the car battery charged before we headed to Adam Rd to get dinner. 

Well, I'm right now at at my primary school in the staff room with Mama. I'm blogging right here while listening to ClassiQ and she's marking her pupils books. Pa, Abang and Fakhrul went for Sembahyang Jummat and we'll be getting lunch soon after. After lunch, we shall go to Kak Ogy's house ! Yezzar, I shall meet my nephew, Bazli ! I love him so much(: Oh yea, my color code for today is: Green & White. I wonder what tomorrow's color code will be... Hehehe.

It's the second week of the June Hols and in two days time it's already going to be the third week. Wow, how fast time flies don'cha think? Still, I've yet completed my homework and assignments given. I still have so much more to do for English and tons of questions for Math, I still have no idea what my Science homework is and I've been like a busy bee working with Project Work. Again, it's my responsibility cause I have to make changes to our Project Work draft, write up, presentation and I really have to spare some time on that. On the other hand, my group members are just waiting for me to complete them. Oh never mind, I shall put myself together and complete all of those. 

It has only been a week but I really miss the dudes ): 

HugsandKisses !


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