Friday, June 12, 2009

133, Head Over Heals. Again.

Hello Readers ! :D

Yes, my color code for yesterday was green & white.

It has been scorching hot these few days and the heat is really killing me. I hope it's gonna rain today, really. Went to Kak Ogy's crib yesterday after lunch and we stayed there until 8.30pm. All of us left for Terminal 2 to fetch Kak Ogy from work. Bazli was so energetic ! As soon as we reached Terminal 2, Bazli started sprinting around the place. I was glad to have reached there as the surrounding was cold. The warm heat previously was really killing us.

While waiting for 10.00pm, before Kak Ogy finishes her work, we slacked at McDonalds. Again, Bazli started running around the place and I had to run after him. Ahaha. Eat eat eat. Soon after, Kak Ogy came and we did more talking. Bazli, Abang, Fakhrul and I went to youtube to watch Bazli's favourite video. Ahaha. Well, we left on a light note at 10.50pm. By that time, I was already sleepy because of insufficient sleep. Urgh.

Today, the dudes will be at SPH News Centre for BH Press Conference. I thought of dropping by. But sadly, I couldn't as only members are allowed in. It okay though cause I'll be meeting them in a week time ! Yezzar ! I really hope to meet Nurul cause' I hadn't gone to SleeQ performances with her so far(I miss you bebyh!) and I really am looking forward to meeting Aryna again !

This reply is specially for Amir:
Aku dh reply lah ! Gy bace post 8th June aku ! K, nvm aku tulis balek kt sini specially untuk kau okay? Ahaha. Cmne kaw tawu aku ade blog eh ? It's ohkay, understood(: Haha, no probbys lah abt the b'day wish. Aku kn baik. Ahaha! & I am v. fine and my holidays are fair, i guess. How are you doing yourself ? (: K, skrang kaw dh bace kn. Gy tag aku balek oky? Ahaha(:
xoxo !


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