Saturday, June 13, 2009

134, Trust

Hey Readers ! (:

I will have to rush in this post of mine as I have to attend a wedding in a 30mins time. I have yet changed and get ready. Pa is gonna scream soon if I don't make this fast. Neways, I'll be attending Mak Andak's cousin's wedding. Get me ? Hehe. Yay ! I shall be meeting all my cousins again :D I love them(:

Well, yesterday was well spent at home. Mama ordered Pizza Hut through the hotline. Yummy(: It was surprising how they managed to deliver it within less than an hour. 

Oh yea, as promised to some people, I have already got my own facebook account. You can find it under my personal links. So, to those who already have a facebook account. Go add me up ! Well, I'm still new and I'm slowly getting the hang of it. Still finding my way around facebook, actually. Ahaha. Other than facebook, I've already got an online Photo Album of my own. I shall post pictures there instead of the blog cause' it takes such a long time to upload pictures especially if I have tons of them. So, my Photo Album it shall be (:

The links of my personal links shall be put up soon for viewing pleasure.
Before I end this post.. Where have my taggers gone to ?
Keep the tags comin' alright?
Mad Love To All Of You!



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